Our services are held every Sunday at 10:45. We encourage you to attend them in person, but they are all broadcast on zoom. If you’d like to have the zoom link, please email contact@grenoblechurch.org.

Past important events :

  • Saturday 17th December Carol service at 18:30 in St Marc’s
  • Saturday 26th November our church partivcipated in the national “banque alimentaire” (food bank) collection.
  • Sunday 30th October, 3 children were baptised in St Marc’s
  • Sunday 2nd October Harvest Thanksgiving, with a special guest, Richard Bromley from ICS. The service was followed by “bring and share” meal
  • Soweto choir “hope” musical was on September 30th
  • Our special “African Sunday” Service was on August 21st.
  • Praise evening (Soirée de Louange) on Friday 10th June.
  • Saturday 2nd April The Soweto Choir was back for an evening of praise starting at 18:30  !
  • Carol Service Saturday 18th December at 18:30 in St Marc’s Grand volume!
  • Praise evening (Soirée de Louange) Friday 26th November.
  • Bishop Robert  took a Confirmation service on Thursday 18th November. On that day, 20 people from our church were confirmed !
  • Soweto choir led an evening of praise on Friday 12th November !
  • 4 people were baptised on Sunday 31st October.
  • Harvest Service and church meal (the first since the covid outbreak) on Sunday October 17th.
  • Sunday 10th October, special guests , ie a small group from Soweto  Choir led our worship !
  • St Marc’s Centre Open day Saturday 11th September 10-12 am
  • On Sunday 29th August, 8 people were baptised and 4 children dedicated.
  • Church picnic Sunday 18th July
  • Saturday 12th June at 17:00 Praise evening (Soirée de Louange) in St Marc’s Grand volume. theme : Rooted in His love (enracinés dans son amour).
  • On Sunday 30th May, 16 people were baptised !
  • April 18th, after the service, we held our church AGM (Assemblée Générale)
  • On Easter Sunday, 4 adults and 4 children were baptised.
  • Our Chaplain, Nick Finlay was licensed on February 7th, in St Marc’s and on zoom.

If you’d like to see the detail of our Sunday Services, consult this page !

For details of any of our zoom meetings, please email contact@grenoblechurch.org and we will send them to you.

In St Marc’s ecumenical centre :

  •  “Escale St Marc” (a “drop in” centre)  is currently  open  Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.
  • The Prayer vigil for Christian Unity was recorded on Saturday 16th January, and  broadcast on France 2, on Sunday 24th January.  Watch it again here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdncbuPNpig&feature=youtu.be