• Prayer meetings by zoom every tuesday morning from 8:30 to 9. Email contact@grenoblechurch.org if you want the zoom details.
  • Annual church picnic at Nell’s house planned for Sunday 1st September.

Follow this link for Events programmed by St Marc’s ecumenical Centre

Our services are held every Sunday at 10:45. We encourage you to attend them in person, but they are all broadcast on zoom. If you’d like to have the zoom link, please email contact@grenoblechurch.org.

Past important events :

  • Saturday 8th June Children’s and Families (ecumenical) afternoon in Saint-Marc’s.
  • Friday May 31st at 9am women’s breakfast in le FEU (temporary venue while the work is going on in Saint-Marc’s)
  • Church AGM (assemblée générale) on Sunday 19th May. (Pentecost Sunday) after our service.
  • Sunday 7th April Special Service with our children, followed by Church Apéro.
  • Friday 5th April Lifesprings Women’s breakfast at 9:00
  • Friday 5th April Praise Evening (Soirée de Louange) at 20:00 in Saint-Marc’s.
  • We held the following Holy Week Services :
    Good Friday (29th March) Special “Tenebrae” service at 20:00 in salle de prière
    Easter Sunday (31st March) Easter Service at 10:45
  • Palm Sunday (24th March) Special service with our children
  • Saturday 9th March Children and young people’s outing to Cosmocité planetarium in Pont de Claix.
  • Friday March 1st at 20:00 Women’s world day of prayer (JMP), prepared by Christian women from Palestine,
  • Women’s Breakfast Friday Feb 9th at 9:00
  • An alpha course was held every tuesday evening by zoom from October to February. We hope to plan another one soon.
  • Church family meal after the service on Sunday February 4th.
  • Childrens and Families afternoon Saturday 20th January in St Marc’s from 14:00 onwards. This was well attended by our children !
  • Ecumenical service for Christian Unity (VPU) Thursday 18th January at 20:00 in St Marc’s.

Events in 2023

  • Sunday 24th December Christmas Service at 10:45
  • Saturday 16th December at 17:00. Carol service in St Marc’s
  • Friday 8th December Women’s Breakfast in St Marc’s
  • Sunday 3rd December Christingle Service followed by Church Family meal
  • Friday 24th November at 20:00 Praise Evening (Soirée de Louange) in St Marc’s.
  • Saturday 25th November, our church particpated in the National Food bank collection.
  • We were happy to welcome members of the Soweto Choir on Sunday 5th November !
  • Saturday 30th September Journée Portes Ouvertes in St Marc’s. This was a good opportunity to come and meet people from the neighbouring area and all the other churches and groups which meet in St Marc’s.
  • Wednesday 20th September Creationtide (Journée de la création) was celebrated in St Marc’s.
  • Sunday 17th September we welcome our locums, Roger and Ursula Simpson.
  • Sunday 10th September we said good bye to our Chaplain, Nick Finlay and his wife Julia.
  • Special Children’s Service Sunday 3rd September.
  • Church Picnic on Sunday 3rd September
  • Special “African Sunday” service on August 13th
  • Soirée de Louange (Praise evening) Friday 23rd June 20:00
  • Friday 14th April at 20:00 , Praise Evening (Soirée de louange) in St Marc’s.
  • On Good Friday (7th April) Our service, at 19:45 was led by Archdeacon Peter Hooper.
  • Friday 3rd March Women’s World day of Prayer (JMP) ecumenical service at 20:00 in St Marc’s.
  • Thursday 19th January  at 20:30 in St Marc’s. Ecumenical service for Christian Unity (VPU).

Events in 2022 :

  • Saturday 17th December Carol service at 18:30 in St Marc’s
  • Saturday 26th November our church participated in the national “banque alimentaire” (food bank) collection.
  • Sunday 30th October, 3 children were baptised in St Marc’s
  • Sunday 2nd October Harvest Thanksgiving, with a special guest, Richard Bromley from ICS. The service was followed by “bring and share” meal
  • Soweto choir “hope” musical was on September 30th
  • Our special “African Sunday” Service was on August 21st.
  • Praise evening (Soirée de Louange) on Friday 10th June.
  • Saturday 2nd April The Soweto Choir was back for an evening of praise starting at 18:30  !
  • Carol Service Saturday 18th December at 18:30 in St Marc’s Grand volume!
  • Praise evening (Soirée de Louange) Friday 26th November.
  • Bishop Robert  took a Confirmation service on Thursday 18th November. On that day, 20 people from our church were confirmed !
  • Soweto choir led an evening of praise on Friday 12th November !
  • 4 people were baptised on Sunday 31st October.
  • Harvest Service and church meal (the first since the covid outbreak) on Sunday October 17th.
  • Sunday 10th October, special guests , ie a small group from Soweto  Choir led our worship !
  • St Marc’s Centre Open day Saturday 11th September 10-12 am
  • On Sunday 29th August, 8 people were baptised and 4 children dedicated.
  • Church picnic Sunday 18th July
  • Saturday 12th June at 17:00 Praise evening (Soirée de Louange) in St Marc’s Grand volume. theme : Rooted in His love (enracinés dans son amour).
  • On Sunday 30th May, 16 people were baptised !
  • April 18th, after the service, we held our church AGM (Assemblée Générale)
  • On Easter Sunday, 4 adults and 4 children were baptised.
  • Our Chaplain, Nick Finlay was licensed on February 7th, in St Marc’s and on zoom.

If you’d like to see the detail how we managed our services during the covid lockdowns consult this page !

For details of any of our zoom meetings, please email contact@grenoblechurch.org and we will send them to you.

In St Marc’s ecumenical centre :

  •  “Escale St Marc” (a “drop in” centre)  is currently  open  Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.
  • The Prayer vigil for Christian Unity was recorded on Saturday 16th January, and  broadcast on France 2, on Sunday 24th January.  Watch it again here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdncbuPNpig&feature=youtu.be