Here are some sermons from our Chaplain, and our locums or guest preachers.


Psalm 8 : a Psalm of trust July 7th Gary Wilton

Do you have faith? June 30th Alan Golton

God’s love June 16th Ben Benjamin Chukwuemeka (powerpoint slides)

Names of God 3 : Adonai June 9th Mike Starkey

Names of God 2 : Elohim June 2nd Mike Starkey

Names of God 1: Yahweh May 26th Mike Starkey

Pentecost May 19th Mike Starkey

The Charcoal Fire May 12th Mike Starkey

Kingdom Economics May 5th Michael Woodmansey

Jesus talks with a Samaritan Woman April 28th Michael Woodmansey

Who is in control ? April 21st Michael Woodmansey

The second Son April 14th Michael Woodmansey

The empty tomb March 31st (Easter Sunday) Chris Martin

The Triumphal entry March 24th (Palm Sunday) Chris Martin, see also the sketch “Palm Sunday voices“, on the same day !

Jesus predicts his death March 17th Chris Martin

Jesus and Nicodemus March 10th Chris Martin

Cleansing the Temple March 3rd Chris Martin

The transfiguration February 25th Chris Martin

God loves a cheerful giver February 4th Liz Morris

God is awesome and so are you January 28th Liz Morris

Generosity January 21st Liz Morris

Seeing, Finding, Understanding January 14th Liz Morris

New Beginings January 7th Liz Morris


Use it or lose it. November 19th Ursula Simpson

Are we Ready ? November 12th Roger Simpson

Jesus is coming. How wil I know ? November 5th Ursula Simpson

What to pray for in our new Chaplain ? October 29th Roger Simpson

Get going and Keep going in the Christian life October 15th Roger Simpson

What is my goal in life ? October 8th Ursula Simpson

How do we glorify God ? October 1st Roger Simpson

The search for security. September 17th Roger Simpson

Sermons from Nick Finlay, unless otherwise indicated :

Farewell, September 10th (Nick’s last sermon at St Marc’s)

Take up your cross, September 3rd (Ben Benjamin Chukwuemeka)

Scraps, August 20th 2023

Compassion, August 6th 2023

Dead to Sin, alive in Christ, June 25th (audio, Philippe Ledent)

The Gospel of truth and love June 18th (audio, Samuel Mador)

Go and make disciples June 4th 2023

Peace be with you May 28th 2023

The hour has come May 21st 2023

Believe 30th April 2023

Risen Indeed 23rd April 2023

Peace be with you 16th April 2023

Risen 9th April 2023

Hosanna -Betrayal 2nd April 2023

Love, forgiveness and redemption 19th March 2023

Living Water (Outrageous love) 12th March 2023

Covenant of Life – Alliance de la Vie 5th March 2023 (Audio, from Pierre Ledent)

Sinning from the Beginning (where sin begins) 26th February 2023 (Audio, from Philippe Ledent)

Come up the mountain 19th February 2023

Created by God 12th February 2023

Salt and Light 5th February 2023

A blinding Light (Conversion of Paul) 29th January 2023


Christmas Adventure 18th December 2022 (audio, from Pierre Ledent)

The one 11th December 2022

Look forward in hope 4th December 2022

The days to come 27th November 2022

Pilgrimage 20th November 2022

Remembrance 13th November 2022

Living God 6th November 2022

Inheritance and Blessings 30th October 2022

Be honest with God 23rd October 2022

Run for your life 25th September 20200

God or Wealth ? 18th September 2022

The cost of discipleship 4th September 2022

The Lord is my helper 28th August 2022

Call and Answer 21st August 2022

Running the Race 14th August 2022

Faith and Faithfulness 7th August 2022

The gift of real life 31st July 2022

Only one thing 17th July 2022

Members of God’s household, 3rd July 2022

Set Free 26th June 2022

Children of God 19th June 2022

Justified by faith 12th June 2022

All Together 5th June 2022 (Pentecost)

All you need is love, 22nd May 2022

Glorified 15th May 2022

Tell us Plainly 8th May 2022

Making it all up – an idle Tale 17th April 2022 (Easter)

The Lord needs it 10th April 2022 (Palm Sunday)

Celebration, love and commitment, 3rd April 2022 (Nick preached by zoom)

Lost and Found 27th March. (Nick, suffering from covid, preached from home)

First or Last 13th March 2022

Who will you call ? 6th March

This is my Son, Listen to him ! 27 February 2022 (Nick preached from the UK by zoom)

Who is this ? 20 February 2022

Blessed 13th February 2022

Sent 6th February 2022

Salvation 30th January 2022


Peace on earth 26th December 2021

Glory to God 25th December 2021

The word 24th December 2021

My Soul Magnifies 19th December 2021

Christmas Choice (Carol Service homily) 18th December 2021

What should we do ? 12th December 2021

Prepare the way 5th December 2021

Lift up your heads 28th November 2021

Christ the King 21st November 2021

Remember 14th November 2021

The time is fulfilled 7th November 2021

Do not worry 17th October 2021

Follow Jesus 3rd October 2021

Messiah and Faith 12th September 2021

Crumbs of faith 5th September 2021

Inside out, not outside in, 29th August 2021

Living Bread, flesh and Blood, 15th August 2021

Living Bread 8th August 2021

Sheep without a shepherd & the big picnic July 18th 2021

God or Man ? July 11th 2021

Do not fear ! Believe June 27th 2021

Why are you afraid ? June 20th, 2021

A new Creation ? June 13th 2021

Family or Friends ?“ June 6th 2021

Children of God May 30th 2021

What does this mean ? Pentecost May 23rd 2021

What Next May 16th 2021

Staring into heaven May 13th 2021 (Ascension day)

Love and Joy May 9th 2021

Do you understand, May 2nd 2021

The Name of Jesus April 25th 2021

Belief and Testimony April 11th 2021

He is risen, April 4th 2021 (Easter day)

King’s Cross March 28th, 2021

We want to see Jesus March 21st 2021

Love is… doing what you’re told ? March 14th 2021

God’s Rules March 7th, 2021

Covenant to Cross February 28th 2021

Beloved February 21st 2021

Listen ! February 14th 2021

“Beginning – in the Beginning”. February 7th 2021 (licensing service)

Sermons from Richard Venn

Sermons fom John Dinnen

Sermons from Alan Golton (Alan has preached in St Marc’s for many years, but here are some sermons he preached during and following the covid epidemic)