We are still advertising for a Chaplain, see our advertisement !

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, our church (along with all other churches in France), had to close, and it seems that the distancing rules for opening again are very strict, so every week we  organise a meeting via zoom for our Sunday services, and post our readings, sermons and songs on this page :  “keeping in touch during the coronavirus epidemic“.

Some fun activities for children can be found on our “Kid’s corner” page !

Since the lockdown, we have had “online locums”:  John Dinnen from Northern Ireland,  Ben Johnson-Frow from New Zealand, Michael Selman, Chris Martin in July and Clifford Owen in August. We are scheduling returning to St Marc’s building for the last Sunday in August !

You can also follow our facebook page ! 

See our “What’s on” page for  upcoming events in Church  —————————————————————

The English speaking church of Grenoble is a vibrant and exciting Bible focused church with members from all over the world.  We are part of the Anglican diocese of Europe and affiliated to ICS.

We meet every Sunday in St Marc’s Ecumenical Centre  (see map here) at 10H45  in the room called “Cana” & offer 2 Sunday school groups  for children from 3-11.

Currently we are in an interim period. Our last Pastor, Bob, has returned to the UK to take up an new mission there. Locum pastors kindly volunteer to come and help us out until we are able to have a new permanent Chaplain. So far our locums have been Stuart Broughton, Clifford Owen, Michael Selman, Peter Lee, Chris Martin, Dianne Cox, Peter Pimentel, John Dinnen and Ben Johnson-Frow and we are thankful to them all. Alan Golton also helps out, as much as he can !

Some people join us for a couple of years and others just for a couple of weeks, some live in France permanently, but however long you are with us, you will soon find that you feel part of our growing church family.

We think of St. Marc’s as an oasis in the city, put here by God, for you.

Is anyone thirsty? Jesus said “Let them come to me and drink”.

Wherever you’re from, whatever your background, a warm welcome awaits you!